Archiv of Engine for Bahn

Category Link Notes Comments
Steam Locomotives The archive Steam Locomotives predominantly DR / DB
Diesel Locomotives The archive Diesel Locomotives predominantly DR / DB
Electric Locomotives The archive Electric Locomotives predominantly DR / DB
Multiple Unit The archive Multiple Unit DR / DB / private cars / tracks NE
Railway Passenger coaches The achive Railway Passenger coaches DR/DB/privat Bahnen/NE Bahnen
Freight Wagon The archive Freight car DR / DB / private cars / tracks NE
Special Vehicles The archive Special Vehicles z.Bsp. Rail service vehicles, trolleys DR / DB / private cars / tracks NE
Trams The archive Vehicles of tram operations
Buses The archive Vehicles from bus company
Vessels The archive Inland and ocean vessels
Vehicle Sets The archive Vehicles consisting of locomotives and wagons as a Set
Other Vehicles The archive Vehicles can be assigned to a category e.g. Narrow track vehicles, etc.
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