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from 3.85



Station roof for a railway station Download
Platform roofs / roof is vertical / diagonal Download
Platform halls / stairs / lights horizontally Download for 3.86
Vertical platform halls, reception building, bridges, skyscrapers Download for 3.86
partially Zoom2/4
Station building, goods shed (even diagonally), Staff Houses Download
Station building, concourse Basel, churches, information screens, waiting homes Download
Platform roof, platform stairs, coal bunkers, farm buildings etc. Download
Anhalt station in Berlin Download
Warschauer Straße railway station Berlin Download
Platforms, platform canopies, platform bridges and much more. Download partially Zoom2/4
Platforms also much more modern. Download without *.gs
Platforms and modern (dark roof) and many more. Download without *.gs
Historical platform halls and more. Download without *.gs
Historic train station, stooping, overpasses, ramps Download without *.gs
Concourse across Download
Prussian Railway Station Download some in Zoom2
Reception building Download without *.gs
Reception building Saxon model Download without *.gs
Station building, signal boxes, outbuildings Download without *.gs
more datasets
a few ZOOM2
Reception building, outbuildings Download


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