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from 3.85



Residential buildings Download partially in Zoom2/Zoom4
Bahn 3.86B2 Test set
Lighting, repeater tower, modern houses, sidewalk Download partially identical to wohn_23
modern houses, sidewalk, church, hall roof Download partially identical to hausern
Old buildings, lamps with sidewalks, older office buildings, parking lots Download
Old buildings, older office buildings, platform, goods shed, church, trees Download
Old buildings, older office buildings, sidewalks, lighting Download
Old buildings, older office buildings, stooping pillars, pavements Download some have already Zoom2/4
Old buildings, and cross-corner building, houses Download some have already Zoom2
Colonnades, arcades, buildings, old building Download
Old buildings, period Download
New buildings, roofs perpendicular Download some have been in Zoom2
Farmhouse, windmill, church, country lane Download some have been in Zoom2
Bauernhäuser, Windmühle, Gewächshaus Download
High-rise buildings also diagonally Download without *.gs
2 Datasets
New buildings GDR-typical Download
Corner building and Old buildings, Homes Download
Old-new buildings and across Download partially in Zoom2


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